Sunday, 18 November 2018

Album Launch

On the 21st December we shall be performing the new Album 'Stretching the Sky'at St Peters on the Waterfront (Ipswich). We are so excited about this and will be sharing some holiday cheer with mince pies, mulled wine and some Christmas carols too.

Tickets are available from the St Peters website and cheaper if you get them in advance. The album will be for sale at £10 as well as the much loved previous releases. We are always so overwhelmed by how amazing the audiences are. Please do come and join us for what hopes to be a magical evening on the Winter Solstice.

Monday, 30 July 2018

James Watt 1812

Here is preview song from the upcoming album.  This is about James Watt and how he may have felt when the Frame Breakers Act was passed in 1812.  The river mentioned in the song is in Greenoch where James Watt was born.  I took a walk there when I was writing this.  The stream in the video is at Needham Market and equally as beautiful and somewhat closer for me now.  Hopefully a thought provoking song.

Friday, 6 July 2018


'In the crook' was written from speaking with a foster carer who after looking after a baby from three days old, was getting ready to introduce them to their adoptive parents. I was thinking about the birth family, the foster family and the adoptive family. It got me thinking about holding on and letting go and the power in each of those actions.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Black Crow

We are well in the throws of recording and putting the final touches to solo album number Three.
The delay and lack of communication (sorry), is due to writing so much new material that the older songs seemed to get bumped out of the line-up.
My most recent song for example is about the Frida Kahlo and her passionate life in the face of so many challenges.  We're deciding whether to squeeze this onto an already full album, or if an artist series is called for.
Belinda Shave: Beautiful Cellist

I am honoured to have the beautiful cellist Belinda Shave playing on some of the tracks.  Belinda's most recent offering brought me to tears when I heard the rough mix.  This photo is her playing on 'Black Crow', one of my darker, rawer songs about a person who died last year.  The song carries on a theme of feathers and ink, which is woven throughout the upcoming album.  Below is us laying down the piano part.

It's strange that themes emerge from an album once the final songs are placed in situ.  East Anglian Girl had a clear theme of 'home' now that I listen to it and play the songs live, but if you asked me back then if there was a theme I would have struggled to name it.
I'm also struggling to name the current album.  For a long time it was being called 'Feel the North wind blow' in honour of my time in Scotland and some lyrics in a song.  More recently the name seems to have up and blown away.  So watch this space for the final naming.  For those of you I have run names past, you have all agreed that the ones I have in mind are either rubbish or too ambiguous, so who knows what we'll end up with.
Once again, sorry for the lack of communication.  I am officially not blog material, but thank you for all the support and music honed ears.  Where would we be without music?!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Debut Album: Boathouse Keepers

The disc has landed and we are proud to present 'Emperor of Oranges'. This is the Debut album from Boathouse Keepers which boasts self penned songs from literacy, history and everyday life.

Boathouse Keepers are Holly Johnston on vocals and Jon Coy on guitar and their fledgling project 'Toad Woman' won the court medal award from UWS last year. You can buy their album through Backwater records below, or come to the launch on 5th Novemeber. More news to follow...

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Spring has Sprung

The Hunter Club - Folk All Dayer 11th March '17 

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I have been hibernating since the 'Dollshouse' launch in August of last year.   I have in fact been squirreling away working on the Boathouse Keepers debut album which has now gone off to be mastered.  So April is going to be dedicated to the Third solo album that is way overdue.
I have lots of dates in my diary to come out and play with the wonderful Sarah Wil on the flute. We shall be playing lots of music over the next couple of months and I shall be writing and recording in the gaps.
We shall be at:
Saturday 22nd April: Tram Record Store Day
Saturday 28th April: Saints Beer Folk Fest St Peters
Saturday 22nd July: Folk Day Brandon Country Park
Sunday 20th August: Backwater Showcase St Peters

We look forward to seeing you at some of these events and to sharing some of the new material we've been playing with.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Doll's House EP launch September '16

I shall be performing with Sarah Wilcox on flute in the cosy and intimate setting of La Tour Cycle Cafe.  The details are all below.

It's really exciting to be performing these songs again in simple, acoustic arrangements, that I hope give listeners the space to drift off into their own worlds and come away feeling content and relaxed. Take a look at the official video on the video tab.

Come along and hear some music and poetry with tea and cake!