Singer Songwriter Storyteller Performer

Holly D Johnston is known on the Folk scene as a singer of stories and captivating performer. 

She is a songwriter and a storyteller and morphs between live music, storytelling and poetry. Holly’s heartfelt lyrics woven together in memorable tunes are sung with a voice that is warm, ethereal and passionate. Holly gives listeners an intimate, thought provoking show, and her songs deliver: 'hauntingly exact observations... with poetic candour'. Her voice is repeatedly praised as 'mellow, clear and expressive', her sound: ‘seductive and enthralling’.  ‘An amazing talent’.


Since completing Masters research into the cross over between storytelling and songwriting Holly is not only a story singer, but a storyteller.  Telling at festivals, clubs and on the radio, she has written an award winning Song Story Performance called Toad Woman.
Come and live the story of a slimy, beautiful toad. Travel with Toad Woman as she dreams of a different life, takes a leap into the unknown and finds her own story.  This is a heart-warming, uplifting tale for all ages to remind us that we are unique, perfectly
formed and unstoppable!

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