I'm reading a lot about authenticity.  What makes a singer songwriter authentic and what  makes us just not believe what they're saying?  According to some of the things I'm reading it's about where the persona and the performer collide and whether the listener can get on board with this merging.

Put me in a room with some like minded people and a guitar and i'll sing my heart out.  Add a glass of rose- even better.  Add a PA and you're likely to see me blip.  I've often wondered about stage personas.  When is it turned on or off?  How do you go about creating one; or do you simply press the amplify button on your personality?

It's clear that a stage persona doesn't stop a performer being authentic if you believe that it is part of getting their music across and that it somehow adds to the meaning of the music.  Indeed, we like to be entertained, even better if there's something behind that entertainment.
Those times when I switch off from a performer it's usually when I think they're trying to disguise something with their persona rather than reveal it.

I'm going to a lot of gigs and seeing lots of people perform live at the moment.  It sometimes looks like the performers are more comfortable on stage than in 'real life'.  I'm in awe of this and slightly confused by it.  I don't have any answers, I'm just musing and exploring really.  Maybe I aspire to that ease on stage.  Maybe I fear that all the world is in fact a stage and the question of authenticity seeps much further than I ever imagined.  And if we all play our parts can we choose which ones they are? And there's my exit.  Muse away.