Emily you're hiding ...

So... why 31?
I have been reading the poetry of Emily Dickinson lately and have become fascinated by the few facts known about her.  She wore white lace gowns throughout the year, rarely left the house unless to use her brother's piano next door, opened envelopes out fully before reading the letter inside.

There is only one photograph in existence of her, because she was photographed once, hated both the picture and the process and refused ever to be photographed again.  Emily Dickenson was published after her lifetime, but at the age of 31 she sent some of her writings to a man who had written an editorial she liked.  What followed was a committed correspondence between the two, discussing poetry, publishing and whether Emily Dickenson's writings merited either the label or the platform.

It is believed that Emily Dickenson did not want to be published.  She valued closed doors and speaking through key holes.  She is a mystery, partly due to the amount of writings that provide a smoke-screen to her actual being.  She is hidden by her worlds.

The new EP, due to be released very shortly, has 3 songs on it.  The second song is called 'Emily' and was written in search of Emily Dickenson.  I came back to Suffolk on Easter weekend and Steve Mann of Backwater Records worked diligently to capture the essence of the song.  I had the honour of working with Hattie Bennett (below), a wonderful cellist from Felixstowe who layered luscious cello on the track.  I look forward to sharing the music with you and to revealing another surprise that I have up my sleeve!  Counting down 1 week to the EP release...

Hattie Bennett - Cello