Singing the Summer Away

 Now that I've returned from Brittany to add another quilt to my bed, here's my sages of the summer. Three highlights that I can say I will remember for a long time. The East Anglian Storytelling Festival at the Baxhall ship was fantastic - the stories and atmosphere were enchanting and I can honestly say I'll be attending this event for as long as they put it on.  See

FolkEast 2015 had been bubbling in my diary for a while and, with the help of Sarah, James and Steve I was keen that my 40 minute slot was as melodious as I could make it. Thanks to Folkbluesnbeyond for the edited video of a couple of the songs included here. I hope those of you who got lavender and a poem at the end of the show have found somewhere nice to hang it. For those that inquired about whether my poetry is published anywhere; I've popped three poems on the website and we're planning a little booklet to sell alongside the third album so watch this space!

Brittany with my love was the final act of the summer and we evenually allayed on English soil at 4am this morning after the ramp got wedged on the ferry and we were stranded aboard for an extra 4 hours. Brittany was beautiful and you can expect many songs of the sea, probably some poems too.

Above is the video from FolkEast.  Thanks to those who came along and I hope to see others soon.  Now to snuggle in for the autumn.