Story told in Song

So October is well and truly underway and tomorrow I leave for a weekend of story listening towards my Masters.  I think it's about time I share a bit about my performance plans.  I've been interviewing some of East Anglia's very talented storytellers to get an idea of their creative ways and compare them a bit with my own style as a songwriter.  So far so good; the interviews are transcribed and I have begun brewing some ideas for my performance.

I am very excited to have started working with Jonathon Coy, who is an amazing guitarist and all round creative.  We are crafting some songs to help tell the tale of Toad Woman - a toad who, whilst she's very good at 'toading' has other ideas in mind for her future.  With help from a whiley Jenny Wren she sets out to find her dream.

The show will be happening in the lead up to Christmas to an invited audience of all ages.  It will be filmed and recorded live and will form my final submission for my Masters in Songwriting and performance.  It feels like a turn full circle for me, because as a child I dreamed of becoming a storyteller and in some elements this show will draw on that dream.

Here is a pic of some of the great and true tellers of East Anglia at FolkEast 2015.