A Toad in the Telling

December this year was a whirlwind of song writing, storytelling and planning a really important show for me.  As many of you know, I moved to Scotland in 2014 to study for a Masters in Songwriting and Performance.  Well December 2015 my Final Masters piece is performed and the piece of research I undertook to get me to this point gets shared.

This final piece came about after interviewing 5 wonderful storytellers about their creativity and their love for story.  This was then thrown into the mixing pot with years of songwriting and singing, and all of the imagination my work with kids has sparked and out the other end popped 'Toad Woman'.

On December 6th, 60 people came to watch the Toad Woman Song Story upstairs at McGinty's in Ipswich.  It was a real honour to sing and story tell to such an attentive and varied audience and to get their feedback at the end.  It was great to be able to share my research and creative journey over tea and cakes after the show and to have pre-Christmas celebrations with fantastic, warm people.

Here are some photos of 'Toad Woman'.  Watch this space for interviews and clips of the show and of upcoming performances.