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April has brought the sun and new music!

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Thank you for signing up to hear about what I'm up to.  I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about the new music that is in the pipe line, as well as fresh poetry, storytelling and travels ahead.

If you've chatted to me lately either at a gig or in passing, you'll know that I've just returned from Ireland where I was completely bowled over by the landscape and beauty.  The result of this trip was a new poetry booklet and new songs which are currently being recorded and due to be released late Summer.

This should be just in time for my month long travels around the very North of Scotland including Shetland (from where my ancestors herald), Stronsay and Orkney.  I'm hoping to write songs and poetry on my trip and upload these as I go so that I can share my adventure with you all.

We have plenty of music on offer in the mean time and you can find links to these below.  As ever, I love to hear from you about your thoughts on the music and other creative pursuits - Also to chat and hear your stories.  You never know they may inspire a song! I have updated facebook to include a space for reviews and I'd love to hear what you think of both the live performances and recorded music.  Please do add a review.

I hope to see you again at a gig soon.  So from myself and the talented musicians I am lucky enough to work with - enjoy the April sun x.

Small but perfectly formed Grapvine review.  For more reviews visit http://www.hollydjohnston.co.uk/p/reviews.html
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Upcoming Gigs
26th April - Mayor's concert on the Barge
1st May - Pagan Moot
5th May - May Day Festival 3.10pm
6th May - Spring Wood Day
11th May - Spring Folk Night at St Peters
15th May- Hear Holly on radio Suffolk with Leslie Dolphin
17th May - Milkmaid Showcase

Come to St Peters on 11th May for The Silburys, Holly D Johnston & Joe Lees
Boathouse Keepers are back!
Jon has returned from Cornwall so watch this space.
Toad Woman
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The story behind ... 'Basket'

If you've been to a gig and seen us perform 'basket' then you'll know exactly what it's about.  If you haven't yet heard it, here's the story.  I'm not usually a morning person, so on the rare morning that I got up early and went out and about I saw a strange sight.

From one of the flats near to where I live I saw a woman lowering a wicker basket down to the shop below, which they filled with items, took money, and she reeled back up again.  They were chatting away and it was apparent that this was a regular if not daily occurrence.  I found this charming, interesting and completely alien to the little town of Ipswich where I live.

This is the kind of thing that happens in provincial villages in France, or on some black and white film during a 'meet cute'.  The whole scenario got me thinking about the ways we ask for what we want.  This interaction was so pure and uncomplicated; items were requested, money was exchanged and everybody was happy.  Yet so many interactions I see these days involved unsaid words and hidden meanings.  This is what inspired the song.  I saw a person ask for what they wanted and receive exactly what they had asked for.  But more than that, I felt that I was witnessing something magical and blessed.

Now I know that as a songwriter I look at most things and think; 'there's a song in that'! But usually I'm writing to try to understand a thing, to see the heart of it and to lay it bare.  In this instance I wrote in order to be part of that beautiful interaction.  Here's to the courage and candor to ask for what you want in the hope that you may actually get exactly that!
Here's a video of 'Basket' played live at the Arbor House in March.