'Singing a Different Story'

'Illusive Harmony' - the new EP from Holly D Johnston. 

Holly D Johnston writes stories in songs that capture her listeners' hearts and lead them somewhere new.  Her new EP due out Winter 19/20 promises the same.

The EP consists of 6 songs and an original poetry booklet.  
Eve's KindResolve and rebellion when faced with those frustrating hidden rules
Emerald RoverHaunting melodies in a story of losing and finding yourself 
Dante's KissLove and loss in a famous sculpture
AlabasterDestiny versus Free will from what has gone before
Hearth and Home- Historical triumph in a song about the Census Boycott of 1911 
Renaissance Mandreams dissolving and melting away
Girl on a Rock - Original poetry in an A6 booklet
Please contact Backwater Records to pre-order the EP or meet Holly D Johnston at one of her concerts.

Holly D Johnston is known on the folk scene as a captivating performer and a singer of stories. 
She is a songwriter and storyteller who morphs between live music, storytelling and poetry. Holly’s heartfelt lyrics woven together in memorable tunes are sung with a voice that is warm, ethereal and passionate. Holly gives listeners an intimate, thought provoking experience, and her songs deliver: 'hauntingly exact observations... with poetic candour'. Her voice is repeatedly praised as 'mellow, clear and expressive', her sound: ‘seductive and enthralling’.  ‘An amazing talent’.

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